Update #1
4 months ago

Hello my name is Daniel, I am 24 years young and currently living in Salzburg, Austria. I had the pleasure to attend the tourism school in Salzburg and now working in the hospitality industry. Through Covid, I wasn‘t able to work, as restaurants, hotels and basically the whole tourism had to shut down and couldn‘t open. I am watching people on Twitch since a few years now and thought why not make your own channel to meet other people, as well as talking to friends you know in real life, because everyone wasn‘t allowed to go outside or leave their house. So far I‘ve met so many awesome people, made friends and also very generous people who like to support me. As I didn‘t plan to stream for a financial reason I wanted to give something back to people who really need and deserve that support.

Why am I campaigning for For the benefit of children with cancer
I made some research and found the „St.Anna Kinderkrebsforschung“. I think those children, as well as their family are facing one of the most brutal strokes of fate you can‘t even imagine, thats why it is such an big issue for me and I think that is a great way to support them.

For the benefit of children with cancer

Around 300 children are diagnosed with cancer in Austria every year. The aim is to provide long-term help to children suffering from cancer who cannot yet be cured with the available treatment options. YOUR contribution counts.

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