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Join in for an evening full of vibey music, hang out in the VRchat club with your friends and watch me switch in to multiple outfits unlocked by your donations during the night.

Why am I campaigning for We do research for the benefit of children with cancer!
Cancer sucks! And we all know it and it sucks even more if you're a kid and you struggle with it from being a small bean.
St. Anna Hospital is helping those that are suffering from this fate and all we can do is trying to help them helping others.

We do research for the benefit of children with cancer!

While the cure rate for leukemia was still around 20% in 1970, today it is over 80%! Our goal is to help those who cannot be cured with the existing treatment options. Support our research and give children with cancer hope for healing!

Lag die Heilungsquote bei Leukämie im Jahr 1970 noch bei rund 20%, so liegt diese heute bei über 80%! Auch jenen dauerhaft zu helfen, die mit den vorhandenen Behandlungsmöglichkeiten noch nicht geheilt werden können. Unterstütze UNS auch du und schenke Hoffnung auf Heilung!
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